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AUGI BoD meeting and beyond... part 1

Apart from the never-ending flight to get here, some 31+ hours flying time including layovers, this time in the US has been fabulous...

The meeting were held at the "hallowed grounds" of the "Revit Factory" in the Autodesk offices @ Waltham and was truly an uplifting experience.

After the board meeting was over, a few of us ventured into Boston, to find the fabled "Cheers" watering hole and stock up on some tourist souvenirs...

Sunday most were headed back home, whilst I ventured over to the Amtrak South Terminal bound for Albany, NY to spend time with friends Jen & Roy for the remaining time of my US trip be continued

Getting ready for warmer weather

Well the training has all been done... hopefully successfully. Well I passed all the theory exams, just haven't recieved my certificates of attainment yet for AccuRate and BERS Pro software.

I've been starting to review what is required to get accredited as an ABSA assessor - something to look forward to after returning back from the US in July.

I'm looking forward with catching up with the AUGI BoD again when I travel to the US next week for 2 glorious weeks - hopefully the weather will be warmer than the chilly weather Adelaide has been experiencing this past week, where tempuatures plunged to 1.6C here in the city. It was the coldest morning since the same day last year, when it was 0.2C.

brrrrr.... its cold

AccuRate Training in WA

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun... this first week has gone quickly and I'm half way through the "Building Thermal Performance Assessment (Residential)" training course conducted by ABSA. I've started software training in both AccuRate and Bers PRO and whilst they both have their quirks, I can see the need for both applications in my practice...

Today saw me in the SwanValley for a bit of R & R and the samples at the Great Northern Distillery were fantastic - but hurt the plastic a bit...
Oh well... better get back to the books I've got another two tests to pass yet, let alone some more practice on the rating tools.