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AUGI Board of Directors Nominations Now Open

Its Nominations time again at…

Certainly without any hesitation, serving on the AUGI Board, has been one of the most rewarding experiences I've had the pleasure to do…  The last six years (3x 2-year terms) has been amazing… I've learnt lots, met some amazing peoples and thoroughly enjoyed myself and would highly recommend the experience for any individual AUGI Member wishing to become more involved… 

Nominations are NOW open and this could be just the beginning of what could be the start of a fantastic, rewarding experience for any hardworking volunteer…
AUGI members will be given yet another way to be involved with AUGI.  You can do this either by nominating someone for the Board of Directors or throwing your own hat into the ring for the next term.
Being an AUGI Director requires some work, effort and carries responsibility but it offers many rewards as well.  So how do I apply, you ask.  All the details, can be found on the AUGI website, located here
If you are consider…

Life's Little Mysteries, part 2

Further to this post I now have a biopsy result.  Earlier today, my specialist's advised me I have Nodular lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin lymphoma (NLPHL).

When asked about its aggressiveness… advised it is totally non-agressive and is an uncommon subtype of Hodgkin lymphoma (HL). This disorder is differentiated from all other forms of HL, which are commonly referred to as classical Hodgkin lymphomas (CHL), by characteristic pathologic and clinical features.

NLPHL represents a more indolent disease than CHL, and is therefore managed uniquely. Since this disease is rare, most information concerning treatment and outcome has come from reports of single institutions or pooled, multi-institutional retrospective analyses.
It is their understanding that patients with NLPHL may not require as aggressive therapies and that the treatment standard of chemotherapy followed by involved-field RT that has been used in CHL may not be appropriate for NLPHL.  So for the time being, it is my choice to…

#AU2011 Bloggers' Badge

In hopeful readiness that this year there will be another AU bloggers meet n' greet, I've rehashed my blog badge from last year's AU to reflect this years' graphics.  Happy to share the photoshop file (approx 1.2 Mb) should you wish to create your own #AU2011 bloggers badge - just leave a comment with your details or email me :)

AU 2011 Registration Now Open

The premier CAD event of the year is upon us... Registration has opened for Autodesk University 2011 for Autodesk Subscription customers, AUGI members and members of AU online.  Autodesk University is once again back at the stunning Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, from November 29 to December 1, 2011.
AU 2011 is 3 full days packed with a plethora of learning tracks and networking, not to mention the exciting product showcase and of course the AUGI Community in the Exhibit Hall.   

You can check out the details on the AU site and submit your registration here
I'll be there... Will you???