Wednesday, 24 August 2011

August 2011 AUGIWorld just released

The current edition of AUGIWorld August 2011 - The Collaboration Issue has been released earlier today and yours truly has had the honour & privilege to provide the photo cover, taken during my trip to Canada & Alaska, earlier this year.

Cover Image: Sinclair Centre Arcade,Vancouver, BC, Canada. 
Photo copyright © 2011–Bill Adams

You can read the issue online or download a PDF version 

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Happy Birthday "Between The Lines…"

Earlier this week I was reminded that its "Between The Lines' blog" 8th birthday it would be totally remiss of me not to provide another "cake" to celebrate this great blog…

Enjoy your virtual "cake" Shaan & Happy 8th Birthday "Between The Lines" 

May you have many many more :)

Saturday, 20 August 2011

REVIT Users Group South Australia - Invitation to next meeting

RUGSA would like to invite you to the upcoming RUGSA meeting. 
Details on the meeting are below.

And thankyou to everyone who completed the survey. The responses are very valuable and will inform the format and content of future meetings.

As always it’s also been great to see a lot of interest in the BLOG, remember you can follow us on facebook and twitter for more up to date announcements on local REVIT issues

Next RUGSA Meeting:
Date: Wednesday the 7th of September
Time: 4:30pm – 6:00pm
Venue: AIA, 100 Finders St, Adelaide


Content, Content, Content.

Building Content
Sharing Content
Getting Content

This meeting will address all your questions about REVIT Families.
Watch presentations from actual users on how they have dealt with the dilemmas associated with REVIT Families

Plus bring your questions and issues for discussion with your peers

Hope to see you there.

Life's Little Mysteries...

Ago after my glorious holiday away during May-June, my doctors advised on a recent routine blood test, an slightly elevated calcium levels were present… this gave cause for concern thinking it was most likely an enlarged parathyroid gland…

So, late June-early July off I go to get an ultrasound scan of my neck, which revealed no enlarged parathyroid however it picked up another lump…

Now I needed a CT scan which the preparation can mess with my diabetic meds – just all I need… so off I go to have this CT scan and then the drama begins…

Now mid July, my local GP refers me to a specialist who doesn’t tell me the test results but she wants to review the scan with others before discussing options with me…  At that stage I was advised I had Stage 3 Lymphoma.

I got jack of that approach and contacted another specialist via my GP who thought that approach was just plain stupid and promptly scheduled a biopsy of the lump which was wedged between my carotid artery & jugular – just the area you want someone digging around with sharp objects…

Now the waiting begins in earnest… 2 weeks later with little sleep and literally the day before I plan to go back to the US (for AUGI meetings) I see the surgeon dude again to get results and remove stiches…  Well the stiches got removed but they have no results as yet... bloody hell, the suspense is starting to get to me but trying to stay positive… 

All that was said that is was probably a Lymphoma, although its type was still to be determined.  So at that time, I was still uncertain of potential outcomes...

OK, the day after I get back from the US, off I go to the Lymphoma specialist  -  they still have no effin’ idea on what it is... it has been sent to the foremost Lymphoma specialist in the country (and one of the world's top 10) and we're still waiting on his conclusions. Apparently he hasn't decided yet what it is yet.

It has been suggested that it is probably a lymphoma that lives in the body, causes no harm, and as my specialist commented that if I feel good then I'm probably am...

If “its” not causing me concern then we shall not interfere with it…

In the meantime, don't call us, we'll call you...

So we wait and, in the meantime, go on with our lives

In reality that is the best news I had… J

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

BIMbyScottC: Setting Up Worksets

A great article on Revit Worksets by fellow reviteer Scott C.

BIMbyScottC: Setting Up Worksets: "I had this in my notes for working with worksets... I may have pulled it from another blog if so please let me know so I can give credit whe…"

Scott also has great articles on Revit Design Options - a must read