Saturday, 30 April 2011

3AM in the Morning

A good friend of mine, Shaun Bryant has recently released his latest single.  You can download his new single here… 

3AM In The Morning is the title track from Shaun's forthcoming debut album due for release late summer/fall 2011.

…and I'm in listed in the final credits for providing the photo of the NYC night skyline 

Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Sunday ride...

Thoroughly enjoyed another great ride yesterday from Glenelg North (aka "the Coast") along the length of Adelaide's River Torrens Linear Path bike track through the city and up to Athelstone (aka "the Hills).

 Mind you I was rather surprised I had the cross the river on this bridge - an un-nerving feeling travelling across this with your bike…  The hills and the headwind slowed me down a bit but thoroughly enjoyable...

… til next ride
share the road :)

Monday, 18 April 2011

Sustainable Green Buildings

Partway through BDAQ's/Ecospecifier's sustainable green building course. Thoroughly enjoying it... Thought provoking... Now will be practicing the 5 fingers of Restorative Sustainability - reduce, reuse, recycle, repair & restore.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

An 80th Birthday party we wont forget...

Wow! What a night to remember!!! But definitely not what you're all thinking.  A group of us were celebrating a friend's Mum's 80th Birthday this evening were a vast majority of the group had travelled from Melbourne just for this occasion.  Having read the advertising "blurb" of the Snooty Fox Restaurant, located in North Adelaide (see below), it was thought that this would be an ideal place to celebrate in

The Snooty Fox Restaurant is a charming venue for your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Whether it be a romantic occasion, for business or pleasure. Sit "under the vines" and enjoy the decadent surrounds of this colonial-inspired retreat. A memorable experience awaits. You will appreciate the value, style and service when dining in theSnooty Fox.
I must say it certainly was memorable… 

After having pre-dinner drinks at the bar, we where pointed in the direction of our table for the evening, and it was quite picturesque sitting "under the vines".  After perusing the menu with little help from the inattentive "waiter", our orders were eventually taken.  Our waiter proceeded to what looked like re-writting everything out again on another piece of paper… who knows???  What seemed like a long time, he eventually proceeded to the kitchen…

After a while, food started appearing, with mine serving of Salt n' Pepper squid being amongst the first to arrive, along with other pasta dishes - all stone cold!!!  I must admit I was far too hungry and most likely low in blood-sugar levels too care - I needed food!!!  One of our diners waited patiently and when asked about his "fish of the day" he was told that he'd have to wait as his order got mixed up!!!  The waiter was told to cancel that order and then magically with a few moments his "tepid" fish dinner arrived…

We informed the other waiting staff about the lack of service, and state of the food presented and but the night was yet over…

We had brought along an exquisite layered cake for the birthday girl, which the restaurant offered to cut up and serve… unfortunately the cake whilst getting into the kitchen area safely, didn't make it out that way and went crashing to the floor after being dropped by staff.

This was when we demanded to see the manager, who happened to be "our waiter". We were gob-smacked!!!  To their credit, after listening to us, the offered to pay for all meals which we accepted and got the heck outa there pronto!!!

The coffee and cakes down the road @ Fellini's was simply devine :)

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

BDA James Hardie National Conference almost ready to rock the Barossa

I'm just putting in some last minutes changes to documents in readiness for tomorrow's start to the 2011 BDA / James Hardie National Conference.  This year's conference features presentations from Lynn Allen, Autodesk Technical Evangelist (sponsored by IMAGINiT Technologies), Mark Kiker, AUGI Executive Director and UK Sustainable Architect and AUGI member, Elrond Burrell and a plethora of other great presenters…

See you in the Barossa Valley!!!

Keynote Manager for Revit

Scanning the interwebz this morning, I found Steve Stafford's  comment on Facebook regarding the Keynote Manager for Revit has been updated.  A great review of the product can be found on Jay Z's blog "Fear and Loathing in a CAD vs. BIM World"

You can download the free Keynote manager from Revolution Design.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Cycling in Adelaide

Had another great ride this morning… getting back into the swing of things after "knee incident".  Really loving this iPhone app "BikeBrainLite"


Friday, 1 April 2011

An update on the year so far...

OK, so I haven't really posted much this year, as it sorta got messy late January when whilst out enjoying my Sunday morning bike rides, a motorist decided to lend a "not-so-helping hand" and gave me nudge which resulted in road vs. me = road won…  

It would've been nice if they'd stop to make sure I was still breathing….

Thankfully some other cyclists came to my aid who checked me out just to make sure I roughly knew where I was…

Apart from some major skin scraps on my left side, I had also damaged my left knee.

To cut cut a long storey short, I had minor knee surgery just over 1 month ago and improving every day, with returning to cycling 2 weeks taking it fairly easy.

I returned to my Sunday morning bike rides once again, although mainly been sticking to bike tracks.  

Last Sunday I ventured out with my new iPhone along with an "app" to map out and give me some stats on my rides.  Up until now, I sort of guessed how far I had ridden using the SA Govt's Online Cycle Instead Journey Planner which was OK but a bit "clunky".

However, this time around I used "BikeBrain Lite" - a free app for the iPhone, which turns your iPhone into a easy-to-use  cycle computer and gives you GPS mapping, speed, distance, altitude, elapsed time and many other data parameters.


Til next time… enjoyed your rides and share the road :)