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AUGI CWC Calendar

In keeping the with a time-honoured tradition, I'm happy to present the 2014 Edition of the CWC Calendar…

The AUGI CWC Calendar can be once again be downloaded from the AUGI Coffee Without Cad forums here

[Note: You must be logged into the AUGI Forums to view this the calendar]

thanks to all at #AU2013 who participated in "wearing" the "official AUGI hat"

AUGI Board of Directors Voting

The Board of Directors is the governing body for AUGI. They are involved in long range planning, vision casting, high level management and most importantly, positive member interactions. The board is responsible for the overarching direction of the organization. The Board possess a passion for Autodesk products and services and they are committed to sharing knowledge amongst the AUGI membership. Specific goals for the organisation vary from year to year, but the underlying theme – that AUGI is all about users helping users – is constant.

This year, I am pleased to announce that I have been selected as a candidate for the  elections of the AUGI Board of Directors. I encourage you to see what all the candidates have to say at

As a candidate for the current election of the AUGI Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce that voting is now open.

IMAGINiT Technologies rebrands to Redstack™ in Australia and Asia Pacific


Autodesk University - What the heck is it???

Autodesk University, or AU as its more commonly known by is is an annual conference run by Autodesk each year, where all the biggest CAD geeks on the planet assemble and compare notes on best practices for their industries and try to outdo each other when squealing in glee over the latest updates to their favourite CAD package.  
I've had the opportunity to attend AU for the past seven years and I must tell you: I squealed with the best of them! Seriously, AU is a fantastic event that gives you the opportunity to look at your everyday work processes in ways you’ve never even considered.

Let me put that into perspective for you. I’ve been using CAD for 20 years now, been a architectural technician, building designer, and these days my focus is implementing and training people on the best ways of using CAD/BIM for a local autodesk reseller and even I'm totally floored at the wealth of knowledge and new ideas that exist at AU.

Of course it wasn't all work, the annual AUGI Beer B…

Happy Birthday "Between The Lines"

This Wednesday, 21 August 2013 heralds an amazing achievement for one of my favourite blogs. "Between The Lines" celebrates its 10th Birthday. Hearty congratulations to you Shaan regardless whether you're on holidays, in hospital or just kissing the locals you keep blogging on... Your blog has both inspired and supported me and many others, in oh so many ways, so in keeping with previous years' traditions, it would be totally remiss of me not to provide another "birthday cake" to celebrate this great blog…

Looking forward to many more Between The Lines posts.  Thank you Shaan for providing great articles, photos and informative and amusing articles...
Enjoy your virtual "cake" Shaan  & Happy 10th Birthday  "Between The Lines
May you have many many more :)

Why buy a road bike?

Why buy a road bike? I love 'em. Up until a few years ago I was a diehard flat bar Hybrid rider until very recently when I was re-introduced to road bikes and it was love at first pedal! Here is a light hearted look at what makes road bikes great and why you should consider getting / upgrading a new carbon fibre beauty like I've just done - thanks to the guys at The Bike Station 1. Speed... Who doesn't like going really fast? Road bikes are the quickest way to get from A to B on a bicycle; I was amazed when first jumping on board how quickly I could eat up the kms. As yet, I haven't been in a position to ride to many kms but the brief 22km jaunt happened in no time at all... it was amazing... I couldn't believe it at the time! Wide circumference wheels, thin tires, a stiff frame, it all adds up to getting as much power from your legs onto the road as possible with little resistance. This is a formula for efficiency and is an intrinsic property of road bikes. 2. Look…

Indispensable Time-Savers for Autodesk Revit

The Indispensable Time-Savers for Autodesk Revit
IMAGINiT Utilities for Revit 2014 are due to be released very soon...
One new utility has been added - Link Fixer. With this utility you can fix repathed links to single .rvt models as well as a folder instantly. 
Some updated functionality has been done to several existing utilities which include: Change Case (now has a config file to filter/add other types)Element Renumber (new renumber by picking along a path)Room Renumber (new renumber by picking along a path)Excel Export (addition of filters)Excel Import (allow for creation of unplaced rooms, spaces, placeholder sheets)Translate (now supports project parameters and now supports 58 more languages)MEP Space Update (Select any parameter to copy from/to, in addition to name and number)MEP Parameter Tool (updated configuration collection and combo-box parameter entry)Further information can be obtained from the IMAGINiT Customer Portal

Wow... where does the time go...

OK, I'll admit I been a bit slack in posting... and I don't know what happened to all those drafts I'd placed in here to post later... oh well...moving on...

Since "my big slice" late last year, I've undergone further procedures to remove the excessive skin after my weight loss. All procedures were performed by my absolutely fantastic surgeon, Dr Margaret Andersonunder a general anaesthetic.  And her post-op nursing staff are equally amazing.

Earlier this year, I underwent an inner thigh lipectomy and liposuction.  The lipo was performed to remove the excess volumes of fat from my legs and knees.  Following this, the inner thigh lipectomy was done which involved an incision from the crease of the groin region to just above the knee, in my case, and the inner thigh "lifted" and supported into its new tighter position.  It was then just a matter of wearing compression garments for a while AND don't go on any 5km walks a few days after surgery...