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Building Australia Party

With the upcoming federal election here in August just thought you all should know about the Building Australia Party

PARTY OBJECTIVES To make housing more affordable.Harmonise infrastructure levies throughout the State.Establishment of an Industry-based Workers Compensation Scheme.Reduce unnecessary planning delays which increases building costs.Council codes to be the rules, if plans comply, then approval to be granted.To harmonise DCP’s, LEP’s & Council submissions across the whole of the State.Bring back commonsense into government at all levels, local, state & federal.Simplify Home Owners Warranty Insurance so it is understood by all parties involved.Encourage government to establish viable Traineeships & Apprenticeships for our youth.Licencing & Registration to be a recognition of skills, not just a form of consumer protection.Reduce needless overregulation through the establishment of an Independent Building Commission.DO YOUR PART ...& help us help YOU Build…

ENnie Awards - Judges Ballot

A good friend of mine, James Surano, needs our assistance. This year he is running for ENnie Awards Judge and he needs our support.  Just what are the ENnie Awards, you ask?  The easiest way to describe the ennie awards is as the people's choice awards to table top RPGs.

His link to his application can be found here

and you can cast your vote here...

I've voted... have you :)

AU2010 E-badges

You too can now help spread the word about Autodesk University 2010.  A set of AU 2010 E-badges have been created for your use on your website, blog... I'm attending hope too see you there as well...

Updated Solar Radiation Technology Preview for Revit 2011

Autodesk Labs "It's Alive in the Labs" has recently posted details to the update to Revit 2011 for The Solar Radiation Technology Preview.

This is an update to the Autodesk Solar Radiation Technology Preview for Revit 2011, fixing a number of important issues. If you have already installed the previous technology preview, you will need to uninstall that version before installing this version.  Full details about this update can be found on Autodesk Labs "It's Alive in the Labs".

Free Download of Solar Radiation Technology Preview for Revit via Autodesk Labs