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Why buy a road bike?

Why buy a road bike? I love 'em. Up until a few years ago I was a diehard flat bar Hybrid rider until very recently when I was re-introduced to road bikes and it was love at first pedal! Here is a light hearted look at what makes road bikes great and why you should consider getting / upgrading a new carbon fibre beauty like I've just done - thanks to the guys at The Bike Station 1. Speed... Who doesn't like going really fast? Road bikes are the quickest way to get from A to B on a bicycle; I was amazed when first jumping on board how quickly I could eat up the kms. As yet, I haven't been in a position to ride to many kms but the brief 22km jaunt happened in no time at all... it was amazing... I couldn't believe it at the time! Wide circumference wheels, thin tires, a stiff frame, it all adds up to getting as much power from your legs onto the road as possible with little resistance. This is a formula for efficiency and is an intrinsic property of road bikes. 2. Look…