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A Great Way to Start the New Year - Cycling Adelaide

Before I get back into work mode, thought it'd be great to ramp up my cycling, so with the aid of one of my favourite iPhone apps BikeBrain Lite…

I started the week, Sunday 2012-01-01 with a great ride down past the Sturt River Linear bikeway - just the thing needed to clear out the cobwebs from the previous night's activities.
Day 2 didn't according to plan, shortly after setting out at the Athelstone end of the River Torrens Linear Park bikeway, I happened  along a group of joggers who didn't wish to share the path which unfortunately resulted in some "nice" battle scars… After having an unplanned rest-day 3, Tues. 2012-01-03, started moderately early in the morning with a ride down to Glenelg from Hallett Cove to meet friend, fellow trainer & this morning's riding partner.  

Yesterday, Thursday 2012-01005, saw a more leisurely ride part way along the Encounter bikeway along with friends and their kids. Great scenery and a great day was had by all…


iTunes Music Analysis Update

Wow, its been a while since I posted my analysis of my iTunes Library (April 2010)… since then I've had a bit of a splurge on music / cd's which I love listening to whilst working…

From my first analysis this was my summary (refer link )

since then my library has grown somewhat

Wow… my Track count has increased by 73.5% and artist count increased by almost 33% and my most played genres are…

Happy New Year

Little keys open big locks Simple words reflect great thoughts Your smile can cure heart blocks So keep on smiling it rocks. Happy New Year everyone.