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My time as AUGI BoD...

Wow, it certainly hasn't seemed like six fantastic years… but my time as an AUGI BoD is almost gone.  Without doubt, it has become a milestone event in my life and it has become extraordinarily clear to me is that there are so many committed and talented people doing wonderful work in their respective trades and industries and all for the benefit of the AUGI Community.

I certainly plan to stay connected to AUGI in some ways and look forward to 2012 with excitement as I explore new opportunities and broaden my horizons…

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the dedicated staff and volunteers who are the backbone of this great organisation and the AUGI Board of Directors, both past and present, who have provided me with guidance and support during these last six years.

2012 AUGI CWC Calendar

In keeping with tradition, I'm happy to present the 2012 Edition of the AUGI CWC Calendar…

thanks to all at #AU2011 who participated in wearing the "official AUGI hat"

It can be viewed at the AUGI Forums - Coffee Without CAD (You must be logged in to see this forum)