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Crickey... its been how long???

Oh the shame of it all... I hadn't realized well I had but its been too long between ramblings...

I can't believe how little spare time I've had this year... So what's happened between now and then, you ask

Christmas o7, pretty uneventful lots of partying with friends, drinkies, etc

January saw me still in Oz working

February - woo hoo, back into the states again for AUGI; had a fabulous time at Lynne's "Super Bowl" party then back home for the Festival Fringe & the Clipsal 500...

March - more work, BDA Golf Day and my team completing its 5th successful back-2-back NAGA's

now its at the end of April, with me getting ready to attend the National BDA Conference & Design Awards in Canberra, our Nationa's capital. Before signing off this time round, looks like Winter is fast approaching downunder - it actually hailed last Sunday afternoon...