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RTC 2009

Just booked my spot at THE Revit training event in Australia - namely Revit Technology Conference 2009, which is underway in about 4 weeks in Melboune at the Sebel Albert Park Hotel, June 18-21.

I'll look forward to catching up with you all there!

1 Week out

Wow! its been a whole week since escaping the confines of Flinders Private Hospital. Whilst it doesn't look like it my leg is healing rather nicely with dead skin literally dropping off by the hand-fulls... I just wish it wasn't so dammed itchy.... grrrr

The hospital saga ends...

OK I'm posting this announcement a tad late - needed to catch up with things a home first, but as of May 14 late in the afternoon, I was discharged from hospital.

The leg is healing nicely every day, I'm still on antibiotics (which don't give me the sh*ts, thankfully) and I'm monitoring my blood glucose levels 3-4 times per day.

I'd like to thank all who visited, sent emails and/or cards and particularly the doctors & nurses of Ward 4 South FPH.

The saga continues... (Day 8 -11)

Day 8, then last two days have been more restful than previous. The docs are pleased with the effects of the antibiotics on the infection, blood-sugar levels have been down and blood pressure getting back to normal levels at last... that being said, I've still will most likely have at least another 4-5 days in here, unless I can get off this antibiotic drip machine...

For the food lovers, choices for my food menus over the last two days are as follows (bold selection = what I had...)

Saturday Lunch

Soup - Chicken Noodle (great for the soul)

Main Course:
Home style Lamb casserole
Spinach & Ricotta patties with chargrilled vegetable relish
Assorted sandwiches

Seasonal vegetables
Mashed potato
Cous Cous
Side salad

Saturday Dinner
Main Course:
Glazed Chicken with bbq sauce Scrambled eggs on toast
Combination salad
Assorted sandwiches

Seasonal vegetablesBaked baby Potato
Mashed potato
Side salad

I meant to post the above on Day 8, however a minor inconvience put that on h…

Flinders Private Hospital Stay - Day 6

OK its now nearing the end of day 6 but certanly at the beginning I thought I'd never experience pain that exceeded the squeezing of those postules... man was I ever wrong!!!

This afternoon my leg was about to be fitted with a compression bandage which had these cute little images on them to indicate level of compression - however on the 1st attempt of placing the bandage it was placed perhaps a wee bit toooo tight and pain levels went thro' the roof...

Thankfully the fabulous nurses understood my incoherant babbling and all was rectified and pain eventually subsided particularly with the help from pain meds...

On to other more interesting stuff - today's menu
Breakfast - weetbix with berry fruit yoghurt
Lunch - Roast capsicun & swiss cheese quiche with chips (fries)... man I shoulda ordered the side salad (probably their master plan...)
Dinner - braised pork with plum sauce, rice and asian greens

today's surprise visitors: Cathy Reid & BDASA el Presidente, Neil Jacks…

A Surprise Visit

Well to date May exacty hasn't been a great 'month'. It sorta started off well with me in Brisbane, finishing off the BDA's Eco-Smart training the day before, unfortunately things had deteriorated during the night... my left leg was severvely swollen and it'd looked like I had dipped my leg in red food colouring...

for the first time in my life I wasn't looking forward to flying but I made it home where my darling MBH organized an after hours doctor to visit who immediately sent me packing to the emergency department of the hospital.
OK Sat May 2 arrives with me having brekkie in the emergency dept whilst waiting to be delivered to my room for the next ??? days
After spending a few days here, with the wonderful doctors lancing my 'postules' on my leg, the pain helped partially by the meds a surprise visitor appeared... and man what a spirit-lifter :)

Whilst I was trying to type up some minutes, who should appear near the end of my bed... none other than AUG…