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What is this "thing" called "Autodesk University"???

Autodesk University, or AU as its more commonly known by is an annual conference run by Autodesk each year, where all the biggest CAD geeks on the planet assemble and compare notes on best practices for their industries and try to outdo each other when squealing in glee over the latest updates to their favourite CAD package.   Whether you're interested in RevitAutoCADInventorBIMCivil 3D3D printing, point clouds or anything else CAD, design, architecture or engineering related, AU is a huge show with something for everyone. I've had the opportunity to attend AU for the past ten years and I must tell you: I have squealed with the best of them!  Seriously, AU is a fantastic event that gives you the opportunity to look at your everyday work processes in ways you’ve never even considered. Let me put that into perspective for you. I’ve been using CAD in excess for 30+ years now, I've been an architectural technician, building designer, and these days my focus is implementi…