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Revit 2011 Web Update 2 now available...

On checking my Nambu tweets this morning - Revit 2011 Web Update 2 has has released. Details can be on the links below…  I'm downloading now :)

Online Revit User Group

IMAGINiT Technologies are launching their new Online Revit Users Group for all those interested in building a virtual Revit Community.  The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Sept 23 2010 @ 2:00pm - 4:00pm ET.  You can register here...

Protection for my Mac

I finally got around to doing something about protecting my Macbook Pro - and it arrived to today… seeing how I missed out on getting an "IronMan" decal for my mac, I set about getting Gelaskins
I can't believe how easily it was to install… highly recommended.

If you can't find any designs that they have (…and I found too many) you can upload an image you want…

Now if only I could get this pattern in printed material to make a vest I'd be a very happy Mac-ite :)

Safari Update...

Just got notification about an update to Safari - improving the following:

Fixes an issue that could prevent users from submitting web formsFixes an issue that could cause web content to display incorrectly when viewing a Google Image result with Flash 10.1 installedEstablishes an encrypted, authenticated connection to the Safari Extensions Gallery
For detailed information on the security content of this update, please visit this site:

Hopefully this will resolve issues with other Mac users registering for #AU2010

AU Registrations - not Safari friendly...

Friend & fellow Mac-ites, Rick Graham (of MacACAD blog fame) posted this great useful tip earlier this morning…

Registering for AU with a Mac.A quick tip -If you are using your trusty Mac to log into the Autodesk University Registration page and it seems to get stuck, chances are – you are using the default Safari to do this. I have commiserated with other fellow Mac-ites trying to the same and we all came to the consensus that AU Registration hates Safari. So, I fired up Firefox (and the other person used Chrome) for Mac and all went through fine without a hitch.So, use something other than Safari to register.

For the record, I was "Chrome" user - sadly the AU registrations site is not Safari friendly :(

AU2010 Registrations… its a happening thing!

Today's the day!!!  Advanced registration for attending AU in Las Vegas opened earlier today (Sept 7, US PT) for AU Online members.  Register Now!

It's Spring!!!

For us "southern'ers… that is Southern Hemisphere, today is the first day of Spring and what better news to wake up to…  

"The AU Community has really jumped on the chance to preview the AU 2010 Class Catalog and there's lots of excitement and tweets being passed around about it.We received a number of requests to have the catalog available in a spreadsheet to make it easier to organize and sort to fit their needs, such as coordinating things so those attending won’t overlap or duplicate classes they sign up for.We’re happy to oblige!"You can download the AU2010 Class catalogue here (xlsx 336kb) 

Thank you AUOnline… and remember the catalogue goes live on September 7 for AU members :)

And… just received news that a friend of mine, Rick Graham (of MacACAD blog fame) has co-authored along with George Omura, a new book titled "Mastering AutoCAD for Mac" - congrats Rick...