Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween

Halloween isn't particularly celebrated here, so mrs blads & I felt quite privileged to celebrate our "first real" halloween last year with friends Heather, Richard and Trevor in Atlanta, GA USA.  Whilst the weather was overly kind we had a blast…
Earlier in the day - we won the Halloween Kart Decoration competition...
Later that night...

Great decorations

Even black cats abound

Back home safe n' sound with Heather, Richard, Trevor & friends

After last years exciting Halloween event, we thought of trying to recapture some of that halloween spirit buy applying some decorations to our house that was brought back from the US… behold our Halloween "scary pumpkin"…

Trouble is methinks… the pumpkin is too scary as we haven't had one single "trick or treater" yet… 

Regardless whether you celebrate it or not…

Happy Halloween everyone… 

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Last day to save!!!

Only a few hours remain on the last day to save $500 on AU 2010 Las Vegas registration. Take advantage of the current fees before they go up on Oct. 27th. (US time) Register NOW!!!  What are you waiting for!!!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My new Hybrid Bike

Just took delivery of my new hybrid bike… a FOCUS "Blue Ridge" from the ever-so helpful guys at "The Bike Station".  Thanks Noel, you attention to detail and service was fantastic.  Highly recommended to anyone wishing to get into cycling…

Come on weekend…

Post Edit: Couldn't wait for the weekend… been on a ride every day since...
Tues 26th: around Hallett Cove
Wed 27th: Seacliff to Glenelg South & back
Thurs 28th: Daw Park to CBD / parklands and back

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Camtasia for Mac update

News from the TechSmith group... Camtasia, that wonderful screen recoding and video editing software has been updated.  This product assisted me greatly when I was producing my TAA presentation files.

For windows users - Camtasia Studio 7 has also been updated 

Monday, 11 October 2010

50 Days to go until #AU2010

As noted on Shaan Hurley's blog "Between the Lines", its only 50 days to go until Autodesk University 2010 #AU2010

Also reported via Twitter & Facebook earlier today - Autodesk University 2010 #AU2010 Bloggers Social Event will be Monday Nov.29. More details coming later this month. Something special at 7PM

RUGSA Christmas Party 2010

To celebrate the completion of the year of the reformed Revit Users Group SA (RUGSA) we'd like to extend an invitation to you all to the RUGSA Christmas function on 9th November 2010 - join us for a few drinks, some nibbles and a great chance to meet fellow REVIT users in SA.

As part of the Christmas show there will be some fun competitions - see the website for full details.

RSVP your attendance by 26th October to RUGSA

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Where were you @ 10/10/10 at 10:10

Just got back from a 20km bike ride… from Brighton to West Beach & back again
Family photo shoot with my sister...

Thursday, 7 October 2010

AUGI Board of Directors Nominations - Now Open

Its Nominations time again at…

Nominations are NOW open and this could be just the beginning of what could be the start of a fantastic, rewarding experience for any hardworking volunteer…

AUGI members will be given yet another way to be involved with AUGI.  You can do this either by nominating someone for the Board of Directors or throwing your own hat into the ring for the next term.

Being an AUGI Director requires some work, effort and carries responsibility but it offers many rewards as well.  So how do I apply, you ask.  All the details, can be found on the AUGI website, located here

This year, after election each Director will take on a Directorship role. A directorship is a specific manager of a unique area of AUGI administration.  Under these directorships are the programs that are either managed by the directors by them directly or though a program director who reports to them.

If you are considering running, please keep in mind that the Board of Directors usually meets 3 times a year with one meeting coinciding with Autodesk University. These face to face meetings may take 4 days or more of your time (these may include time away from work and possibly Saturday and Sunday) and there are monthly conference calls in which you are expected to prepare for in advance and actively participate in. The conference calls are currently scheduled for the third Saturday of the month for approximately 2 hours, but have been known to exceed that duration. The times of these meetings may vary based on the board members location.

Nominations need to be submitted to the AUGI Nominations and Elections Committee no later than October 20, 2010 midnight US CST in order to be considered for the ballot.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Adelaide Speakers

Whilst "entertaining" the neighbours earlier today when gardening outside I noticed my AR speakers a little "off".  Upon inspection... I was horrified after 25 years of listening enjoyment my speakers were falling apart...


Thankfully after a google search, Adelaide Speakers were open and close by and can repair my beloved speakers to their former glory...