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With so many things happening at this years' Autodesk University, here a brief list of what is happening with AUGI at AU.

Monday, November 28
Autodesk's AU Leadership Forum
AU Freshman Orientation
AU2011 Bloggers & Media Reception

Tuesday, November 29
AUGI Volunteers gathering
AU2011 Welcome Address & General KeynoteAUGI Forums Moderator's gathering
Exhibit Hall Opens - International Community ReceptionAUGI Top Daug 2011 Challenge begins at the AUGI Booth

Wednesday, November 30
Its AUGI Day today!!!
Annual General MeetingAUGI Board of Directors' Elections voting opensAUGI Beer Bust

Thursday, December 1
AUGI TweetUp at the AUGI Booth AUGI Top Daug Final Presentation

Be sure to catch up with all the info / photos at AU with AUGI's "HotNews Daily"

Photofly graduates...

Project Photofly has been a very popular technology preview. People from all over the globe have created 3D models from their 2D photographs using the power of the Autodesk Cloud.

Now it's time to take the next step. With today's release, the technology has been incorporated into 123D Catch Beta…

Scott Sheppard's "Its Alive In The Labs" blog announced earlier today about Project Photofly's graduation

Are you ready to start?  Click on the 123D Catch Beta… link to access the website to download the Autodesk 123D Beta.  Once its downloaded, open the self-extracting zip file to start the installation