Wednesday, 31 October 2012

need luggage tags???

In keeping with previous years', those AUGI members who wish to distinguish their luggage other AU attendees - behold your very own luggage tags - designed to fit on 4.25" x 2.5" laminated luggage tags

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Counting down to #AU2012!

With just over 30 days until #AU2012, the excitement and anticipation is well and truly building up....

Apart from the regular things to do, there are some musts IMHO that all good CAD geeks should participate and attend...

must do Exhibit Hall activities, namely
  • stop by the AUGI booth in the International Community Pavilion area
  • participate in the 2012 AUGI Scavenger Hunt - sounds like an absolute blast!
  • AUGI Annual Meeting and Beer Bust - Wednesday Nov 28
  • one of my favourite exhibitors - stop by the #IMAGINiT booth for hands on fun & prizes

Counting down to AU 2012 - hope to see you there, for the most intensely insanely busy & geeky week of the year...  

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Sharing Files Between Macs...

OK so a number of people recently have asked me, how do I share files between my macs?

There are a variety of different ways to transfer or share files between Macs... here's a few I regularly use...

The Traditional tried n' true way...

AFP (Appletalk Filing Protocol) is the traditional route to share files between Macs, and though it takes a moment or two to setup it has some major advantages like being able to map network drives for constant access and to transfer files between Macs and Windows PC’s as well as across Macs running any version of OS X, whether it’s 10.1 or 10.8.1.
File Sharing needs to be enabled on all Macs that you want to use the feature on, here’s how:
  • Open System Preferences from the  Apple Menu, and click on “Sharing” panel, located under the "Internet & Wireless" panel
  • Check to enable “File Sharing” on all Macs you want to share files between
  • From the OS X Finder, hit Command+Shift+K and then click “Browse” to find and connect to the desired Mac
  • Enter login credentials to connect, and now you can use the other Mac like any other folder in OS X, drag and drop files to copy

  • If you’re going to move very large files between Macs the traditional File Sharing approach is probably the best method of transfer. It’s highly reliable, and has the greatest range of compatibility between all Macs and versions of OS X.

Using Air Drop...

By far the easiest method is to use AirDrop, and so long as both Macs are running OS X Lion or later you can use the feature. 
 You don’t even need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network, as long as your computers are within range of one another an ad-hoc network will be created between the two Macs to send the file. 
AirDrop is the fastest way to send files between Macs hands down and there’s virtually no configuration required to use it.
From the Finder:
  • Select Finder > Go > AirDrop or hit Command+Shift+R to open AirDrop 
  • Wait for the other Mac to appear, then drag and drop the file(s) to the Mac to transfer the files to...
  • On the receiving Mac, accept the file transfer
Using iMessage...

Want to send a file to your friends Mac in another location? Providing both of you are running OS X Mountain Lion, then Messages is the easiest way to go. From Mountain Lion’s Messages app onward, all you need to do is:
  • Open a new Message to the recipient
  • Drag and drop the file into the iMessage window and hit return to send
  • When finished transferring, the recipient can just double-click the file to open it or right-click to save it
iMessages makes transferring files between remote Macs extremely easy, and Messages will accept just about any file type, whether it’s images, documents, movies, zips, you name it. iMessage will also lets you send the same files to iOS devices like iPhones, iPods, and iPads, so long as iMessage is set up properly in iOS 5 or later.  Cool huh :)

Monday, 15 October 2012

Autodesk University 2012

Whilst registrations are still ongoing for AU2012, as of October 15, they will set up back a further $US500 - the discounted honeymoon period has ended.

If you haven't yet registered, you can do so here... 

If you are attending, are you an AU seasoned veteran or a first timer? 
Either way, check out these great resources... 

A must attend class for newcomers, would have to be the AU Freshman Orientation class

And no AU can ever be complete without visiting the AUGI Booth located in the International Pavilion area, \ attending the AUGI Annual General Meeting and participating along with other AUGI friends at AUGI events, like Top DAUG and AUGI Day

I'm attending... see you there!!!

One week after the big slice...

Wow it's amazing what one week can do...
Over the last three years, I have been slowly losing weight - no special diets or weight loss programs, just eating sensibly, cutting carbs and exercising a whole lot more.  I have lost a lot of weight, possibly in excess of 60kgs (approx 132lbs).  I don't really know the exact amount, but its a heck of a lot and I feel all the better for it.

One thing I couldn't lose however was the excess skin and fat that dominated the area around my middle to lower abdomen... To do this, I needed what is known as Abdominoplasty surgery, or as its commonly known as a "tummy tuck".

This time, at least readers will be spared photos of the surgery... I may post images later of the before and after, if I can obtain copies from my amazing surgeon, Dr Margaret Anderson.

This time last week, I was being prepped for this procedure and the end result is absolutely amazing.  The procedure removed approximately 6.5 kgs. Yes, I'm still a little sore and probably will be for some time yet but it has well and truly been worthwhile.  

Highly recommend for anyone else who find themselves in this situation.