Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Crickey... its been how long???

Oh the shame of it all... I hadn't realized well I had but its been too long between ramblings...

I can't believe how little spare time I've had this year... So what's happened between now and then, you ask

  • Christmas o7, pretty uneventful lots of partying with friends, drinkies, etc

  • January saw me still in Oz working

  • February - woo hoo, back into the states again for AUGI; had a fabulous time at Lynne's "Super Bowl" party then back home for the Festival Fringe & the Clipsal 500...

  • March - more work, BDA Golf Day and my team completing its 5th successful back-2-back NAGA's

  • now its at the end of April, with me getting ready to attend the National BDA Conference & Design Awards in Canberra, our Nationa's capital. Before signing off this time round, looks like Winter is fast approaching downunder - it actually hailed last Sunday afternoon...

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