Building Australia Party

With the upcoming federal election here in August just thought you all should know about the Building Australia Party

  • To make housing more affordable.
  • Harmonise infrastructure levies throughout the State.
  • Establishment of an Industry-based Workers Compensation Scheme.
  • Reduce unnecessary planning delays which increases building costs.
  • Council codes to be the rules, if plans comply, then approval to be granted.
  • To harmonise DCP’s, LEP’s & Council submissions across the whole of the State.
  • Bring back commonsense into government at all levels, local, state & federal.
  • Simplify Home Owners Warranty Insurance so it is understood by all parties involved.
  • Encourage government to establish viable Traineeships & Apprenticeships for our youth.
  • Licencing & Registration to be a recognition of skills, not just a form of consumer protection.
  • Reduce needless overregulation through the establishment of an Independent Building Commission.
  • DO YOUR PART ...& help us help YOU Build a Better Future!!!


Anonymous said…
I doubt you're interested in posting this comment, but here it is anyway.

As a Building Designer, Draftsman and Thermal Performance Assessor, I'm dissapointed that this party which purports to be representative of my industry is merely a vote harvesting exercise for the extreme right-wing religious nutters of DLP, LDP and Family First. How pathetic.
blads said…
The Party Convener, Mr Ray Brown would be most interested in talking to you 'Anonymous' about your incorrect assumptions. Your interpretation of how the system works is obviously due to a misunderstanding on how to scale of the ladder. Mr Ray Brown can be contacted via his mobile 0402-11-99-99.
blads said…
Obviously there is some confusion in the public arena about preferences.

The idea of preferences is to soak up as many of the smaller parties preferences as you can before going to the majors.

This way and maybe a big if, they go out before you do on primary votes, all their votes go to you. This helps you step up the ladder and become competition to the majors.

It is political suicide to go to the majors first. The choices made are for strategic and pragmatic reasons.

I hope that helps all...
Anonymous said…
I'm not sure which electorate Anonymous is looking at, but in Victoria, his analysis is off the mark.

Yes, the DLP's lead candidate is their most preferenced candidate outside their party, but Family First is well down the scale. The LDP isn't a typical "religious" party - it promotes drug, abortion and euthanasia decriminalisation.

The odds are that an above the line Senate vote for Building Australia in Victoria would help an ALP candidate be elected. A centre-left party lead by an athiest.

Everyone voting for a minor party in the Senate should vote below the line.
dom cammareri said…
I'm disappointed that Anonymous purports to be zealous about my industry. He/she is apparently more concerned about political connotations and the federal election preferencing system, rather than support the only political party than gives a damn about Building Designers, Draftspeople and Thermal Performance Assessors! How unpardonable.
The Building Australia Party [BAP] represents our industry. The parties’ objectives and policies are clear, concise and have been disclosed in the public arena. In order for BAP to make progress and be influential in government, it must first gain a state or federal seat. I personally don’t care how BAP gets there...the preferencing system is merely a pathway to the intent. Preferencing a party by no means implies that you embrace and support all their respective policies and ideals.
BAP does NOT represent ‘individual’s’ political views and preferences! Do I see some hypocrisy here? Or is it simply a case of incongruity.
I have known Ray Brown for half a lifetime and can earnestly say he is far from simply a vote harvester for extreme right-wing religious nutters. If Anonymous was so concerned about his/her profession he/she would refrain from worrying about political tiering [this only occurs during elections] . One’s passion for our industry would be better served by educating oneself about the positive contributions Ray Brown has made to our industry and profession in the past...and support him to continue to do so, well into the future.

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