Monday, 26 July 2010

Building Australia Party

With the upcoming federal election here in August just thought you all should know about the Building Australia Party

  • To make housing more affordable.
  • Harmonise infrastructure levies throughout the State.
  • Establishment of an Industry-based Workers Compensation Scheme.
  • Reduce unnecessary planning delays which increases building costs.
  • Council codes to be the rules, if plans comply, then approval to be granted.
  • To harmonise DCP’s, LEP’s & Council submissions across the whole of the State.
  • Bring back commonsense into government at all levels, local, state & federal.
  • Simplify Home Owners Warranty Insurance so it is understood by all parties involved.
  • Encourage government to establish viable Traineeships & Apprenticeships for our youth.
  • Licencing & Registration to be a recognition of skills, not just a form of consumer protection.
  • Reduce needless overregulation through the establishment of an Independent Building Commission.
  • DO YOUR PART ...& help us help YOU Build a Better Future!!!
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