An update on the year so far...

OK, so I haven't really posted much this year, as it sorta got messy late January when whilst out enjoying my Sunday morning bike rides, a motorist decided to lend a "not-so-helping hand" and gave me nudge which resulted in road vs. me = road won…  

It would've been nice if they'd stop to make sure I was still breathing….

Thankfully some other cyclists came to my aid who checked me out just to make sure I roughly knew where I was…

Apart from some major skin scraps on my left side, I had also damaged my left knee.

To cut cut a long storey short, I had minor knee surgery just over 1 month ago and improving every day, with returning to cycling 2 weeks taking it fairly easy.

I returned to my Sunday morning bike rides once again, although mainly been sticking to bike tracks.  

Last Sunday I ventured out with my new iPhone along with an "app" to map out and give me some stats on my rides.  Up until now, I sort of guessed how far I had ridden using the SA Govt's Online Cycle Instead Journey Planner which was OK but a bit "clunky".

However, this time around I used "BikeBrain Lite" - a free app for the iPhone, which turns your iPhone into a easy-to-use  cycle computer and gives you GPS mapping, speed, distance, altitude, elapsed time and many other data parameters.


Til next time… enjoyed your rides and share the road :)

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