Monday, 5 November 2018

Montepulciano... an great alternative

Besides being tricky to pronounce, Montepulciano is one of the more complicated grapes. You see, there's an Italian town called Montepulciano, which produces a wine called Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. But, this wine is mostly made from Sangiovese, and doesn't actually include any of the Montepulciano grape!

The most famous examples of Montepulciano (the actual wine) come from the Italian region of Abruzzo, but it's planted throughout much of central and southern Italy, but nowhere near the town of the same name.

Thankfully, this grape is also
grown in Australia, it's much more straightforward and in true Aussie style, we've taken away the pronunciation problem by shortening it to 'Monte'.

One that I tried very recently is Atze’s Corner Wines “The Mob” Montepulciano where it’s appeal lies in its beautifully generous fruit, including red plum, sour cherry and boysenberry, and moderate acidity, so I reckon if you love Shiraz you'll love “The Mob”, too

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Life's Little Mysteries, Part 3... the story continues...

Way back in 2011, I was diagnosed with a rare lymphoma, titled, Nodular lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin lymphoma (NLPHL). 

It was considered to be totally non-aggressive and is commonly known as "the Lazy Cancer".  As “it” was not causing me any concern or stress, it was decided that we would not interfere with it…

So we did and watch wait approach and go on with our lives...

Middle of this year, I started having "hip" issues and it turns it was a bursitis which was resolved very effectively with cortisone injection.  Shortly after that, started getting "back problems", nothing too much at first, then legs started to have "pins and needles".

Late October, I finally had some "free time" to get into my GP and get CT scan... unfortunately another large mass (5.1cm x 5.6cm x 2.2cm) was found, roughly in the middle of my back which was putting pressure on my spinal canal / nerves.

In I go for another biopsy... and again we start the waiting procedure all over again...

This time, we didn't have to wait months, but the mass has perplexed / puzzled the specialists, as it turns out the new mass has the same genetic markers and structure of my original Lymphoma.

Obviously no-one told the "new" Lymphoma, its not suppose to behave this way.  So it seems I have a misbehaving NLPHL and this time, I will require some radiation therapy  treatments in order to shrink the mass.

The story continues...

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Autodesk Revit 2016 R2 Review

Once again, Autodesk have provided a subscription only mid-year release.  For the full review, refer to Redstack's blog site, where it was first posted.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

What is this "thing" called "Autodesk University"???

Autodesk University, or AU as its more commonly known by is an annual conference run by Autodesk each year, where all the biggest CAD geeks on the planet assemble and compare notes on best practices for their industries and try to outdo each other when squealing in glee over the latest updates to their favourite CAD package.  
Whether you're interested in RevitAutoCADInventorBIMCivil 3D3D printing, point clouds or anything else CAD, design, architecture or engineering related, AU is a huge show with something for everyone.
I've had the opportunity to attend AU for the past ten years and I must tell you: I have squealed with the best of them! 
Seriously, AU is a fantastic event that gives you the opportunity to look at your everyday work processes in ways you’ve never even considered.
Let me put that into perspective for you. I’ve been using CAD in excess for 30+ years now, I've been an architectural technician, building designer, and these days my focus is implementing and training people on the best ways of using CAD/BIM for a local autodesk reseller, Redstack and even I'm totally floored at the wealth of knowledge and new ideas that exist at AU.
Of course it isn't all work, the annual AUGI Beer Bust, and closing night party are both spectacular ways to unwind and network. There are exhibitors from all over the world showing off tools, plugins, and hardware to make your working life easier.
Whether you're a seasoned CAD professional or a first time attendee you will have access to a huge range of materials to improve your product knowledge and understand the benefits of moving to and expanding your use of CAD or BIM. 
There is nowhere else, where you can meet and talk to developers, designers, CAD/BIM managers as well as CEO's from some of the largest design and software firms on the planet.
I guess the point I’m trying to make is that if you want to a better, improved way of working for you and/or for your colleagues, the best place you can start that in my opinion is at Autodesk University. The breadth and depth of ability and experience within the attendees and speakers is phenomenal and I challenge you to come away having not learnt anything that will improve the way that you and your company do what you do. I genuinely don’t think it’s possible. I still learn something new that affects the way I work and do things every time I attend.
To help you Autodesk have put together some content which you can share with your boss so they can see the benefits of you attending Autodesk University. See convince the boss
Understandably not everyone will make it to Vegas, I will be there and would be happy to attend a class on your behalf.   See the Autodesk University schedule and contact me with your requests.
Learn more
See my  highlights from AU2014 blog post or view the AU2014 class recordings.
You can read more about AU as well as view the details and agenda for the classes, workshops, certifications, exhibition etc on the AU2015 website
Some of my fellow AUGI friends have even posted survival tips for attending AU - a must to read for all new attendees...
New Attendees to AU2015
An event not to be missed, for newcomers, is the AU Freshman Orientation 2015.  Kick off your AU Experience on the fast track.  Join Lynn Allen and others as they point out events and gatherings that should not be missed.  You will also get a preview of what’s in store for AU 2015.   Come prepared with your questions, be ready to play and network with your fellow AU freshman.
Hope to see you there…

Friday, 3 July 2015

Wine of the Week #4

Something a bit different this time around, another alternative varietal favourite of mine in ... Trincadeira is one of a number of Portuguese red wine varieties which have been introduced into Australia. In early days it was used extensively used to make a port style wine.

Rich in colour, with good acidity and rarely an excess of alcohol, Trincadeira or Tinta Amarela (if you are speaking to a Portuguese Douro producer) makes wines of serious quality when ripe.

Properly ripened, it has vibrant raspberry fruit tempered by herby, peppery, spicy, floral complexity, and it can age well.

Typically, in Australia, it is used in a blended capacity, however there are now a number of wineries producing a single varietal wine.  One of which,as mentioned is a particular favourite of mine... Patritti Wines.  Patritti was the first Australian winery to release a Trincadeira red wine under its official Portuguese varietal name. Recently their 2012 Trincadeira wine was named in the Adelaide Advertiser’s Top 10 best wines and is made from high quality fruit sourced in the Barossa.

It’s available for tasting and purchase at the Patritti Winery Cellar Door, 13 Clacton Road Dover Gardens, or purchased via the Patritti Wines online store.

Very yum indeed!

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Wine of the Week #3

Torbreck 2007 Old Vines Shiraz

Another stunning Shiraz, (or as my US friends call it a "Syrah"), however this time it is from the famous Barossa Valley.  

I was pleasantly surprised with this wine as it had fantastic fruit-driven sweetness, reminiscent of a traditional home-styled Italian/European red wine. Not something that I expect from a wine from 100-year old vines.

Deep garnet red in colour with flickers of purple, the wine’s high-toned aromas of black cherries, five spice, crème de cassis and spring flowers are supported by a rich core of roasted earth, liquorice, and provençal herbs.

The palate offers a soft latent richness and silken-like texture with subtle notes of crushed cherries, plums and earth - all neatly wound by a taut spine of acidity and ripe supple tannins and fruity sweetness. Oh my god, it was Gorgeous!!!

Friday, 15 May 2015

Wine of The Week #2

Australia's most popular grape varietal, Shiraz is full-bodied with high alcohol, and vibrant berry and plum on both the nose and palate.

Some years ago I discovered the Mitolo brand and it’s was a very good surprise, indeed!!!  

Today's selection is a Mitolo 2006 Shiraz 'G.A.M.' (the initials of the Mitolo children, “Gemma, Alexander & Marco”) wine has an opaque purple-ish colour, has an aromatic array of roasted coffee, violets, lavender, pepper, Asian spices, blueberry, and blackberry liqueur. 

In the mouth it is velvety-textured, deep, concentrated, opulent, and altogether hedonistic.  The focus is on McLaren Vale fruit from Willunga, which is located towards the most southern part of the district.

Thankfully I have other bottles of this vintage, as it has been suggested that it will drink well through to 2020.  It is definitely a personal favourite.