Thanks to AUGI Volunteers

Whilst finializing my monthly duties as an AUGI Director, I had the urge to compose a poem dedicated to all the AUGI Volunters, that assist and help us in many ways unmeasureable...

To all the wonderful AUGI Volunteers!
The gift you give is beyond all measure;
Worth too much to count or weigh.
To us it is a priceless treasure,
That grows in value day by day.
Your service, compassion, commitment and care
Inspire us all and set you apart.
You give of yourself with the time you share.
AUGI Volunteers…. Accept our thanks from the heart.


Aw, Bill, that's beautiful! :-)

Thanks to you, too, Mr. Bossmanx2.

:-) Always a pleasure to work with/for you (well, maybe not *always*, just mostly).

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