A Surprise Visit

Well to date May exacty hasn't been a great 'month'. It sorta started off well with me in Brisbane, finishing off the BDA's Eco-Smart training the day before, unfortunately things had deteriorated during the night... my left leg was severvely swollen and it'd looked like I had dipped my leg in red food colouring...

for the first time in my life I wasn't looking forward to flying but I made it home where my darling MBH organized an after hours doctor to visit who immediately sent me packing to the emergency department of the hospital.

OK Sat May 2 arrives with me having brekkie in the emergency dept whilst waiting to be delivered to my room for the next ??? days

After spending a few days here, with the wonderful doctors lancing my 'postules' on my leg, the pain helped partially by the meds a surprise visitor appeared... and man what a spirit-lifter :)

Whilst I was trying to type up some minutes, who should appear near the end of my bed... none other than AUGI's 'sweetheart' Lynn Allen. Your visit was just the thing I needed to spur on the positive healing vibes.

We had a lovely chat and its quite clear to me that AUGI is one big happy family...

Oh and btw Lynn, the chick pea veggie curry for Thursday's lunch was surprisingly good n' tasty

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