RIP Old Mouse & Keyboard

OK earlier today my existing mouse and keyboard died, so I had to venture out in the 40+C heat today to go mouse and keyboard hunting. I got to say I was initially none too impressed with what was presented in the marketplace.

Everything I saw were "mini" mice, suitable for notebooks n' stuff - I'd just gotten rid of one of those, although my old one was a tad larger than what was generally on offer...I looked at both Logitech and Microsoft but to no avail...

I was almost ready to give up and then I found it... a glorious shaped, exceedingly stylish, large-ish mouse and it felt as if it was made for my hand...

I was extremely eager to get back to the office and put it through its paces. Using this mouse is almost orgasmic... really it just glides over all surfaces and it feels as if its an extension of your own hand. It is quite simply the best mouse
I've used... its just amazing.

So what is it, you ask... its a Microsoft Explorer Mouse with BlueTrack Technology. Its cordless, wireless and rechargeable and it has funky blue lighting effects and did mention its feels bloody fantastic.

Overall, I've been pretty impressed with the mouse. It is a tad bit expensive for a mouse but if you do spend alot of time in front of the computer, I think that the most important parts not to skimp out on are the mouse, keyboard and monitor since they usually last several computer upgrades and make the difference when using the computer over long periods of time.Microsoft currently have a 25% rebate till the end of January on their Mouse and Keyboard range so if you are in the hunt to get one, now would be a good time.

Definitely one to consider if you are thinking of replacing your existing mouse.

The keyboard I'll need a bit longer to get the feel off but it does live up to its name - Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 :)
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