Flinders Private Hospital Stay - Day 6

OK its now nearing the end of day 6 but certanly at the beginning I thought I'd never experience pain that exceeded the squeezing of those postules... man was I ever wrong!!!

This afternoon my leg was about to be fitted with a compression bandage which had these cute little images on them to indicate level of compression - however on the 1st attempt of placing the bandage it was placed perhaps a wee bit toooo tight and pain levels went thro' the roof...

Thankfully the fabulous nurses understood my incoherant babbling and all was rectified and pain eventually subsided particularly with the help from pain meds...

On to other more interesting stuff - today's menu
Breakfast - weetbix with berry fruit yoghurt
Lunch - Roast capsicun & swiss cheese quiche with chips (fries)... man I shoulda ordered the side salad (probably their master plan...)
Dinner - braised pork with plum sauce, rice and asian greens

today's surprise visitors: Cathy Reid & BDASA el Presidente, Neil Jackson
thanks guys your visit helps with the positive power of healing
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