iTunes Music Analysis

I was catching up on reading on some favourite blogs, when I came across this interesting article that Scott Sheppard of "It's Alive in the Lab" fame posted some time back.  In response to one of his blogs about analysing your iTunes music, another blogger Jason Pratt sent him this link…
Free Download of Super Analyzer 2.1 from SourceForge which is fine if you're a PC user… but if you're a Mac user, I figured there'd have to be something similar about… and there's probably plenty about but the one I used was this… Super Analyzer (Mac)

As per the PC version, its a Java Runtime program that requires no installation and will extract all the information from your iTunes to produce graphs and charts on your music library. You'll be able to see the evolution of genres, tracks you like, or highest playing times. Super Analyzer will also let you know the most played, highest rated songs and includes a whole list of count stats.

The application only takes a second to launch and generate graphs, though unfortunately you won't be able to play around with the data and arrange the graphs the way you want. 
Similar to the PC version, it does provide some interesting data… It would appear, I most listen to music @ 3pm… Hmmm, probably an afternoon wake-up session
It would appear I like Rock the most…

Whilst I thought I hadn't rated any of my music, it seems I had/did and my highest rated Artist is Avenged Sevenfold but only my third most played… most curious

And my most played Album is "The Holy Bible, 1992-2002" ( For the un-iniated, it's a 4 disc hard rock-metal classic)
Thanks Scott for posting that info… it prompted me to clean up my iTunes files a bit :)

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