AUGI at #AU2010

With so many things happening at this years' Autodesk University, here a brief list of what is happening with AUGI at AU.

Monday, November 29

  • AUGI Leadership / Local Chapter President's meeting
  • AUGI Board meeting
  • AUGI Volunteer gathering
Tuesday, November 30
  • Past President's gathering
  • International Assembly Meeting
  • AUGI Top Daug 2010 Challenge begins at the AUGI Booth
Wednesday, December 1
  • Its AUGI Day today!!!
  • Annual General Meeting
  • AUGI Beer Bust
Thursday, December 2
  • AUGI Writers & Volunteers breakfast
  • AUGI TweetUp at the AUGI Booth
  • AUGI Top Daug Finals
  • AUGI Unplugged
Be sure to catch up with all the info / photos at AU with AUGI's "HotNews Daily"


Anonymous said…
Hi Bill,

Its great that your blogging from AU on behalf of AUGI.

Is there any chance we will know when AUGI will be back online?

I have a mess of linked Revit models that will not save to central and would love to look at the forums, but alas the site is down with no timeframe of recovery...?
blads said…
Hi Anonymous,

actually I'm blogging from AU because I love social media, not on behalf AUGI... is back online however we are experiencing technical difficulties with the forums and they'll be up before you know it :)
Anonymous said…
Hi Bill,

Wow, thats some crazy Technical difficulties that the forums are having.

I hope you enjoyed AU.

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