Saturday, 27 October 2012

Counting down to #AU2012!

With just over 30 days until #AU2012, the excitement and anticipation is well and truly building up....

Apart from the regular things to do, there are some musts IMHO that all good CAD geeks should participate and attend...

must do Exhibit Hall activities, namely
  • stop by the AUGI booth in the International Community Pavilion area
  • participate in the 2012 AUGI Scavenger Hunt - sounds like an absolute blast!
  • AUGI Annual Meeting and Beer Bust - Wednesday Nov 28
  • one of my favourite exhibitors - stop by the #IMAGINiT booth for hands on fun & prizes

Counting down to AU 2012 - hope to see you there, for the most intensely insanely busy & geeky week of the year...  

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