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As a trainer in CAD software, you are always on a journey updating your skills and technical expertise, usually its via printed materials, i.e. training guides, books, etc and other sources.

In fact, my merge little collection of IMAGINiT Training Guides is starting to pile up...

I am now thoroughly overjoyed that I have access to all my training guides in Ascent's eBook format.  

The eBooks contain the exact same content as their printed versions, with one major exception - they are in full colour and so much easier to read.  The books are installed utilising the VitalSource Bookshelf system to download and view your collection.  They can be installed on Mac or Windows computers and on iPads and smartphones.

The VitalSource BookShelf browser enables the user to search the contents of the books, or with their eBook library.  You can zoom in and out, a handy feature when using an iPad, Tablet or smartphone, when viewing images that contain dimensions or other details.  There is also a highlighter tool, that enable users to accentuate specific text or parts of the eBook for later reference, and you can also add notes which can be referenced at a later date.  Just perfect for identifying specific things to bring to your students attention.

I'm finding more and more that I prefer to read and view books via my iPad than in printed format - its a complete bonus when travelling as I know longer have to lug around volumes of printed material...

ASCENT is an Authorised Author, Publisher and Developer of Autodesk curriculum. All of the ASCENT Autodesk courseware titles carry the Autodesk Official Training Guide designation. All of the company’s training guides are available to educational institutions, individuals, and corporations and can be purchased directly from the online store:

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