Friday, 8 May 2015

Wine of the Week...

OK I promised fellow Redstack co-worker and Blogger, Damien Jovica to write a review on this blog of a wine that I've had during the past week, usually at "Wine O'Clock, Friday afternoon... so that end, I'd like to present to you all, my first "Wine of The Week" - a glorious 2008 Symphonia Tannat.

What the heck is a Tannat, you say???  I am a big fan of Alternative varietal red wines and I found this variety some 7 years in NE Victoria.... and WOW what a stunner!!!

For the uninitiated, Tannat's homeland is the South Western area of France, and one of its synonyms, Madiran, is also the name of an important appellation in that part of the world.  Wines of this variety are notable for their very high levels of tannin. Tannat wines are also very high in polyphenols - these are good chemicals in wine that keep your heart healthy (according to researcher & author Roger Corder in the book "The Red Wine Diet").

Tannat's have a reputation of a long cellaring potential, and this one no exception.  The wine displays a distinctive intense blackberry and cassis aromas and flavours balanced by the big bold ripe tannins.  This is dense, almost impenetrable, a rich wine that is still dominated by dark tannins and black fruits. A juicy element suggests it is still fresh, still young enough for fruitiness. Dark black flavors are still working their way through and developing.  Thankfully I still have several more bottles in the cellar and will be enjoying this wine for the next 10 years or so... Sláinte

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